Astrology Reading

I was born in Germany, but lived in India for a long time, studying the old traditional knowledge and spiritual secrets of this wonderful country.
Disease made me search for help in the ayurvedic approach. I have seen many doctors without any result. My good fortune brought me to this beautiful family. I received deep healing in many angles. I spent two months the first time and kept coming back.
The purity of the knowledge here really captured my interest. It is hard to find this purity and depth even in India today.
Also, the huge compassion and open hearted attitude of the whole family, their love and attention through their caring natures and warmth… was a healing in itself.
The MOST outstanding experience was my Vedic Astrology reading and remedy for an unfortunate placement of stars, which had caused a lot of trouble in my life.
After the remedy was completed, the bliss and relief came immediately! I can’t even put my graditude into words.
To get to know such an outstanding, helpful family is a pure Divine gift to me.

Leah Clark, Graphic Design and Healing Arts

Astrology Reading (Long Distance)

Wow! Who knew! And I just thought it was as Astrological Reading, like many others. Not only did I have some different insights, but the unusual care about the remedies is something new that I happily welcome into my life ... LITTLE DID I KNOW! THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!!!!!

Toni Toney, USA, Book author of "ECO DIET"