Pregnancy Care

ShreeAyurdarsanam is giving special healing and care for women, before during and after the pregnancy. A particular diet and nutrition during and after the delivery is recommended. Science has proven that the fetus develops in minute sequences, which has a great impact on mother and child in all spheres of life. This concept was discovered thousands of years back by Sage Charaka.

Prenatal period:

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful moments in a women’s life, which is the time to experience oneness with nature. During this period Ayurveda suggests, that the mother should get great care emotionally and physically, and live in a supportive environment.

Ayurveda Medication:

Ayurvedic medications are to be taken for a healthy body and mind. During the pregnancy period herbal ghees are recommended. The intake of ghee every day during this particular period is very important. …more