It is the light within our SELF (GOD) discovered!

Vedic astrology is called Jyotish, a Sanskrit word that is derived from two roots, "Jyoti" and "Isha" which respectively mean ‘Light’ and ‘God’. Jyotish is the science of light, both the light of the celestial bodies and the internal light of the soul. It is a profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. Jyotish unfolds the knowledge of how the planets and the stars influence an individual human life as well as the life of the nations, and the globe.

A human being is a creation of the cosmos. Therefore, all the facets of human existence, including the past, present and future are intimately connected to the influence of the planets and the stars. The Sun by his daily movements and the changes of seasons brings it into perfection. The embryo in plants and animals will bring about various changes on the earth. The Moon being nearest to the earth exercises much influence on it and as she wanes and waxes - rivers swell, …more