Dr. Gokul Varma comes from a distinguished family line of Ayurvedic practitioners. He gains his inspiration of the traditional knowledge from his father Dr. Ashoka Varma since his childhood.

Dr. Ashoka Varma has been practicing Ayurveda& Astrology for 45 years. He traveled all over the world, teaching vedic science and was the Chief Editor of an International Vedic Magazine ‘Hinduism Today’. Aside from being specialized in Panchakarma &s skin treatment, he created a methodology of consultation taking into account Astrology creator of Ayurdarsanam Ayurvedic, a Sanskrit word meaning "insight into life".

Dr. Gokul Varma has been practicing Ayurveda for 5 years and is an expert for Panchakarma treatments. He is well educated in many systems such as:

  • A graduate degree (BAMS) in Ayurveda
  • A post-graduate degree (MMS) from Pune University
  • …more