This fundamental knowledge later became the basis for the science of Ayurveda (Science of Life) : Ayurveda tells us in what proportion and through which elements those forces function for the optimum of health.

Jyothish (Science of Destiny & Solution): Jyotish describes the logistics of the planetary forces and how they operate and influence our life.

Dance (Science of Movement and Energy Play of Body)

Yogadarsan (Science of Body, Mind; Pure Intellect & Mind for Union with Supreme Element)

Vaastu (Vedic Science of Art and Placement): Vaastu guides us in harmonizing these energies through structures and design.

Under varying conditions these principles attract, repel, bind and blend with one another in unending ways, in a cosmic dance. Being in tune with this dance is the secret of health and wellness. Our body, mind and spirit are also made up of these five principles, both at the grosser(physical), subtler (Astral) and causal (Spirit) levels. …more