The Great Five Elemental Principles
(Pancha Maha Bhutas)

According to Vedas, there is nothing beyond these five elemental principles in the physical world.

Ether or Space – AirWaterFireEarth.

In the Vedas Lord Shiva is considered as the God of Gods and embodiment of arts and its techniques. He is beyond the time, space and causation — cause and effect (Karma). The Lord initiated his consort Goddess Parvathi and she transformed the knowledge to the great seers. Lord Shiva the king of dance; at the end of his divine cosmic dance out of pure compassion towards the great seers, gave the secret of creation by sounding the drum (Damaru) "drumbeat" Nine times and Five times.

With their extra ordinary intuition and wisdom the sages understood the meaning of this message. Sounding of the drum five times, nine times represented the nine planetary forces and five times represented the five elemental principles. These forces and principles control, operate and guide everything in the universe. …more